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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Free at last!

Good news for Bobby and Jane (brother and SIL) -- the vet finally took their puppy Harley off house arrest! After 6 REALLY long weeks of hip surgery recovery, Harley is now out of the crate and free as a bird. Ahhhhhh. Here's the email report straight from my little bro:

For the first few days we only let her loose in the house so she wouldn't strain her leg going ballistic outside. Now she is free outside as well. We put in a doggy door and she likes to lay out on the patio in the sun. As you can see we got her a new bed. She seems to be much happier with this one.

I've been taking her on all my errands I have to run and she likes riding in the car a ton. She sits on the seat and looks out the window. I don't let her actually drive on the freeway yet, only the side streets. She needs more practice. ;-)

She had her first day of doggy school last evening. Holy cow 10 dogs in a room, it started out as total chaos till everyone settled down. It was helpful though. We learned some good techniques.

I know, I know, here's what you really want to see, the pictures: Thanks for all of your good wishes and good thoughts. (And thanks to Tink for reminding me to post a followup.) Bobby and Jane loved reading all of your comments on the last post and you really cheered them up during a pretty upsetting time. You guys are the best!