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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Meet TubaDad's new carpool buddy: Precious, uh I mean Prius!

After I quit my job and abandoned poor TubaDad to a fate almost worse than death -- commuting in the bitter single-driver lane -- he has been frantically looking for a way out. And today he found it! That's right folks, TubaDad's former favorite carpooling buddy of all time (me!) has been replaced by a two-year-old, kinda funny-looking hybrid car with the more-precious-than-gold DMV Clean Air Stickers that allow a single driver to drive in the carpool lane. Here's TubaDad, carefully applying the wondrous stickers: Here's Xena, making sure every aspect of the car meets with her approval: And here's TubaDad, grinning maniacally in anticipation of his magical commute tomorrow morning: Go baby go! Hope you have fun tomorrow sailing past all those parked cars on Hwy 101 in your new electric toy. Oh, and if anyone wants to buy a Ford Explorer, just let us know, because that gas-guzzling beast is now for sale. (Aw, don't feel bad for it, the money for Precious had to come from somewhere, and I'm sure it will go to a good home... *grin*)