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Thursday, January 5, 2006

Happy happy joy joy - the pitter patter of little feet

Supergirlfriend Stacey got her referral today and we are over the moon for her!!! Hurry, I know you don't want to read anything I have to say, so run on over to her site and see for yourself. Congratulations to the whole Teague family. Stacey, we can't wait to hear more about your new daughter Ryleigh and are sending you huge bonecrushing hugs and armloads of love. Oh, and we're giggling uncontrollably for some reason, well at least I am, TubaDad is just smiling hugely. Can't get enough of that referral goodness? Here are a few more adorabundles that were just referred: Emma, Hope, Olivia, and Makayla & Cassandra (twins!). And two more that are imminent: Abigail and Emily. Congratulations to all -- there are a million smiles in blogland in your honor today! For anyone who's keeping count, the referrals lovingly trickling in this week are for the mid April LIDs (people whose paperwork was logged into China from April 15-24). I've rechecked my NyQuil-induced spreadsheet (updated at left) and think it's still pretty solid. There are a whole bunch of double-batch rumors swirling around but basically I think things will roughly follow this timeline no matter how many shortchanges, leapfrogs, and doublepikes they throw in, so I'm just leaving the spreadsheet in this simple format. I know I'll get an email from the moms the second I publish this, so yes, moms, that means we're still hoping like mad to get our referral call in April. And thanks to Stacey Trailblazer Teague (as TubaDad calls her) we'll know just what to do when that call comes in. ***updated at 12:39 to add a few more referral links