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Monday, January 9, 2006

Someone has been quite busy in the nursery

Haven't done a thing in the nursery since referral times took a nosedive back in November, but this morning I noticed that my lack of interest in that room hasn't kept someone else out of it... changingpad Oh well, she can have it for a few more months because I am dying to see the look on her face when she jumps up there one day and finds a wiggly little Funshine. (yes I am evil) Onward and Upward: The recent referrals and a fun party on Saturday with the area's awesome adoptive parents have inspired me. So expect renewed, albeit snail's pace, progress in the nursery and new pictures soon. Oh, and speaking of referrals, I found two more web sites featuring January's finest: Meikina (you MUST see the pigtails on this beauty), and Laura (scroll down a smidge to see her pic).