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Friday, January 13, 2006

Say what?

So I've given up on the dream of learning to speak any Chinese before our adoption trip (I think I'd have an easier time learning to speak kitty) and am diving headfirst into a new adventure: baby sign language! Seriously, haven't you heard -- it's all the rage in the diaper set. I first learned about it from pint-sized powerhouse Suzanne, who quickly taught me the 5 signs every savvy parent must know: 1. milk 2. juice 3. sleep 4. hurt 5. uh.......good lord can you believe I can't remember 5 simple things? Suzanne are you out there? This stupid adult you met at the Starbucks needs some help please. Anyhow, recently the baby sign language discussion is heating up on Yahoo boards around the web (a sure sign that the topic is either hot hot hot, or offensive to someone in Topeka). Interested in learning a few hand signals that might avert a screaming communication meltdown with your baby? Then check out the Born2Sign site and soon you'll be as hip as the rest of us. (Hey, I'll remember that 5th one soon, and then I WILL be hip. I will!) There's also a bigger dictionary of words here which includes signs I'm looking forward to trying out the next time I'm in rush hour traffic. Hee! I think it could be really fun and subtle -- try it out, what are the funniest phrases you can put together? And if you've used baby sign language already, what signs were the most useful to you? Total Aside: "Do They Have Salsa in China?" was selected as a finalist for Best of Blogs in the Adoption/Fertility category and we are so honored to be mentioned in such great company! If you'd like to vote for us, go here and scroll all the way to the last category. They say you can vote once every 24 hours and the voting is open until Jan 30. (The page looks blank at the top in some browsers, so make sure you scroll.) Cheers!