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Monday, March 20, 2006

Cure for the blues: friends, sun, food, and new shoes

Feeling edgy, antsy, and irritable about the endless adoption wait? Feel like you will never make it to China? Feel like someone stole the light at the end of tunnel? Well that's how I was feeling, and (TubaDad please correct me if I'm wrong) I think I was getting dang hard to live with. (TubaDad? I don't hear any protesting. Hello? Oh fine...) Well I found a sure-fire cure -- spend the weekend with a horde of fun, humorous people (and buy some hot new shoes...) On Saturday we whipped up another local adoptive parents gathering, this time at an awesome nearby park. Thirty parents and kids and one cool grandma braved the first sunny day in weeks to mingle on the playground, swap stories, eat cookies and Pik Nik sticks, and just generally support the heck out of each other. I perked right up when the familiar faces started appearing. We saw Stacey & Mark, grandma Gyll, Jane & Robert, Rhonda, Sandra & Michael, Kelly & Chris, Jeff & Liz, and all of their respective kidlets. Plus we were all excited to meet newcomers Becky & Brian and Jeanine & Lance. Dang, writing that list made me feel like that Romper Room lady with the magic mirror. Did anyone else watch that show as a kid or am I the only dork around here? Wait! Before you decide if I'm a dork or not I should probably confess that I also passed out nametags to everyone at the park. Heh. Ryleigh Teague made her debut appearance and didn't even cry when I held her! I was so excited that I didn't put her down for almost an hour. (Yeah I paid when I woke up the next day feeling like someone had tried to rip my left arm out the socket. But it was worth it.) Rhonda and her two boys came, even though she is leaving for China on Wednesday! (When I'm 3 days from going to China, I won't be going anywhere but to the drugstore to buy Imodium, I'm telling you right now.) And the whiz-kids Suzanne and Sydney (who are teaching me baby sign language and give the world's best hugs) kicked off their shoes and showed everyone how to really have a good time. Thank you to everyone who came, it just made my day to see all the familiar faces and make some new friends too. For those of you who couldn't come this time, you were missed! And for anyone who's reading this in the Bay Area and thinking "damn, how do I get an invite to the next one?" well just send me an email and I'll add you to the list. You'd think that would be enough excitement for one weekend, especially seeing as how my left arm was now hanging useless at my side, but on Sunday we drove up to the city for our new little buddy David's traditional Chinese Red Egg & Ginger party. David was in top form in his stylin' brown leather baby sandals, I had on my edgy new shoes too, the luncheon was terrifically fancy, and the best part was spending the afternoon with my girlfriends. Love you guys! So there you have it, if you run into me tomorrow and I'm smiling, don't think that I'm not bothered by this wait. Just know that close contact with all these awesome people (and with my new shoes) has cheered me up. So I'm going to make it through another week. Whew, now who's going to sign up for "cheer me up" duty next week? *Note: the park photos are intentionally small to protect privacy. If you attended the shindig and would like the originals of any photo, just holler.