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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

February referrals are finally here! ***updated 3/3/06

I've been holding off posting the referrals this week because there was some kind of a huge delivery problem and many anxious prospective parents were told their referrals were "lost in the mail." It just didn't feel right to dance with glee with some folks while others were in such painful limbo. So I kept quiet, in some sort of a silent solidarity I guess. But this morning we heard that even though the original packages have not been found the remaining families will be contacted today with basic information about their new daughters and sons! I cried a little when I read that (and I'm not even expecting a referral in this batch). I can't even imagine how much relief and joy these parents are feeling right now. So congratulations to all new parents this week! You've been through a lot to get to this point -- we all have -- and we are thrilled to celebrate with you and add our joy to yours. Best wishes and much love to all the new families: - China Girl (Alexandria) - Firstbrook Family Journey (Katie Mei) - Journey to Gianna (Gianna Maria) - Mei Ling's Journey (Jada) - One More Tracy (Mary Clare) - The Daily Grind (Mae) (scroll down) - Journey to Kaylie (Kaylie) - Journey to Dallas (Dallas Gabrielle) - For the Love of Libby (Libby) - Our Adoption Journey for Faith (Faith Noelle) - The Journey of a Lifetime (Katie Starr) (THIS is the one I was waiting for, congrats Lori!!!) - Ladybug Dreams (nickname YanYan) Updated as of 3/3/06: - Journey to Kate (Kate) - Journey to Samantha Lena (Samantha) - Baird Family Journal (Alina) (scroll to bottom of page) - Waiting for Carly (Carly) - The Honemann Family (Hana) - The Reynolds Crew (Audrey) These referrals coming in this week are for families whose paperwork was logged in to China from May 14 through May 25. You can see more information about the May parents, including referral pictures from folks who don't have web sites, at the May group website called Mei Dreams. When you're searching through that site though, keep in mind that the May group has been broken into three separate referral groups at this point (some referrals came in Jan., we just got some in Feb., and the remainder will come in Mar.). ***Updated on 3/3/06 to add the remaining 6 sites that I was tracking (new sites added to the end of the list).