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Friday, March 3, 2006

Updated referral spreadsheet - still with a glimmer of hope

Well I've updated the trusty NyQuil spreadsheet once again, so here are the plain facts for you -----> I should explain a few new additions to this one. You all know I'm clinging to the hope that we'll get an April referral. (Yes I know this is a longshot. No I don't care. Yes I'm stubborn.) In trying to determine if this was just a pipedream now, I counted up how many days of referrals were included in each batch and popped those totals in for easy reference. I also noted the anomalies in red, like no referrals in August, the beginning of the slowdown in Oct, and two batches (yeah!) delivered in January. So now you know everything that I do and you can cheer me on in my hope(ful? less?) quest for an April referral. By the way, I looked up the definition of hope this morning and was amused to find the following on Wikipedia:
  • Hope is a emotional belief in the possibility of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances within one's personal life, which may regard a minor issue or an extremely important matter. (Yeah, I'd call this one EXTREMELY important, thanks.)
  • Hope implies a certain amount of perseverance -- ie. believing that something is possible even when there is some evidence to the contrary. (Is this just a fancy way of calling me bullheaded?!)
  • Optimism - Whereas optimism refers to a positive view at a conceptual or intellectual level, hope refers to a positive belief at the emotional level. While optimism may be rational and informed by facts, hope may lack a strong connection to reality. (Hey!!!! No need to get personal here!)
  • The term false hope refers to a hope based entirely around a fantasy or an extremely unlikely outcome. (OK, now you're just being mean.)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. It ain't over till it's over, right? We'll just have to see what happens next month. And don't worry, I haven't lost all reason -- I do know that not getting a referral in April is seriously small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. It's just that I WANT it. Heh. For the record, in order for July LIDs to have any chance of receiving a referral in April, the next batch of referrals needs to go DEEP into June. I'm thinking at least through June 25. Ok CCAA? If anyone over there is reading this, I know you guys are working extremely hard and doing a fabulous job and I am so appreciative of everything you do. And I would never presume to complain or tell you what to do. This is just a suggestion, a tiny little suggestion that is backed with every ounce of hope, optimism, belief, lack of reality, stubbornness, and fantasy that I can muster!