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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Poor "little" birdie

Was in the middle of an Extremely Important Email from kikalee about who should get kicked off of American Idol when I heard a terrible racket in the living room. The cats were squalling and chattering and running around like they had lost their minds. (I am an expert on losing your mind now that I have been waiting for this adoption for 441 days, but hey who's counting?) I thought they were just misbehaving, as usual, and yelled for them to stop harrassing the poor little birdies out in the yard when suddenly I saw this monster peering in the window. <--------------- Good gawd! That thing could carry off a small cat. (Heavy Z is 16 pounds and Mango's just a smidge smaller, so no worries here, but the neighbors have a few lightweights that would make a good snack.) The two of them were looking quite fierce and I tried not to laugh at their puffed up tails, but I think they were still a little offended when I ran for the camera instead of protecting their turf. Oh well, the beast has flown away now, so everything's back to normal and I can get back to my email and the extremely important job of telling everyone what I think about this week's American Idol singing, wardrobe, and voting.