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Friday, April 21, 2006

Six odd facts about me (only six?!)

I've been "tagged" by a whole bunch of people to confess 6 weird things about myself, so here goes (with pictures, because you know how I feel about plain text): 1. I wore the same prom dress as my mother. My grandmother made it for her in 1960 and I later adapted it a little and wore it to my junior prom in 1984. 2. I can sing the alphabet backwards. My brother and I taught ourselves back in the 70s on a particularly long roadtrip (I offer a belated apology to my parents for that torture). 3. When I was a kid we had a lot of pets. One of my favorites was my red-haired Jersey cow named Lucy-Moo. 4. I have really long toes and can crack them loudly on command. In high school my brother's friends said I had machine-gun toes. (Oh who am I kidding, they still say it.) 5. I can't stand the smell of buttered popcorn at the movies. It makes me gag. All of my friends know this and kindly abstain when they're with me. (Yeah, "kindly" does not mean silently. Heh.) 6. I met my husband at a golf course in Maui. We worked for the same company at the time, but didn't know each other until that day at the driving range. Here's a picture of our meeting, and the postcard I sent to tell my team I ran into some people from work (namely TubaDad!). Alrighty, nuff about me. Please share at least one weird thing about yourself in the comments section. Come on - don't leave me and my monkey toes hanging here!