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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

The shoes, oh my god the shoes!

Just got back from an awesome brunch with some of the cool moms on the block. I love these guys -- you know how some people show up late, some show up about on time, and some show up 2 minutes early? Well I'm usually in that last category. I actually get physically stressed if I'm going to be late. So I pull into the parking lot this morning and saunter into the restaurant to find out that I'm the LAST one there!!! I couldn't help laughing. All 4 moms and their stylin' daughters were already there setting up a Wood Bench Photo (similar to the famous red couch photo but a smidge more rustic). Can you look at these kids (or the paparazzi photo that's hidden behind this picture) without grinning? Yep. I just can't wait till Funshine is sandwiched up there on the bench between Gwen, Lizzie, Ryleigh, and Madelyn. And I can't wait to buy baby shoes like the ones these tiny fashion mavens are wearing. Look Out! When our referral finally comes all this pent-up shopping demand is going to be released with a huge whooshing sound. If you live in Northern California, you'll probably hear it, so I'm just warning you now. Note: we'll be collecting entries for the poetry contest (below) until Monday 5/15.