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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Change is good, right?

See TubaDad, this is what happens when you go off to tuba practice and leave me alone with my computer all night. I find things like this nifty web site where you can try out different hairstyles. And then I spend ALL NIGHT playing around with it instead of doing anything on my To Do list. I know you all are dying to see the horror, so I'm pasting them below. But first, there's a quick pic of my standard bad hair day, for embarrassing reference, as well as the slicked-back hairless photo the site asks for. I'm sure Glamour Magazine will be calling for me any minute now.... Once you've uploaded your mug shot, you can try all sorts of "Do's" and even more "Don'ts." Holy moly, this is more addictive than American Idol! You *have* to try out this site. Before you go though, please vote for the one I should print out and go torture my hairdresser with.