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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Barbie's a little party girl!

Still valiantly holding back from shopping until we get a referral and finally know girl or boy, one or two, 12 pounds or 26 pounds. EXCEPT... there was this one thing on Amazon that I couldn't resist. They have a section for sale items that are $5 (!), and once I saw the Barbie Cali Girl Luau Playset it had to be mine (uh, I mean Funshine's). Can you blame me?! That Barbie knows how to throw a good party. Did you see that the bbq spit actually turns? And they included a tiny little blender along with coconut shell drink glasses*? And a huge cake? Dang, they really got all the details right on this one. Please don't feel the need to flame me about obstructed airways because Barbie's tiny pina coloda glass could be accidentally ingested by my 1-year-old. I know this is for older kids. And I know it won't be perfect if Funshine has an adam's apple (unless GI Joe wants to come to a rockin' good party!). And I don't care. I grin everytime I walk past this box 'o fun and that's good enough for me. * I'm sure Barbie's over 21, but the folks at Mattel make sure they address any issues by saying on the box that Barbie and her pals are enjoying "yummy smoothies"! God I love marketing.