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Monday, June 26, 2006

Ooey gooey referral goodness (32 referrals)

Ok, I'm having trouble concentrating on anything other than the fact that if the CCAA matches 16 days of LIDs next month we will be parents (!!!). But I will attempt to control myself and focus. Focusing, breathing, focusing, arrr, lost it! Oh well, even while spacey and twitterpated I can present all the wonderfully lucky people who were matched with their children this month. Congratulations to: 1 Our Journey to bring Ana Home: Ana, 16 mos, Guangdong province 2. Gabriella Joyce: Gabriella, 7 mos, Chongqing province 3. Bringing Maura Home*: Maura, 8 mos, Guangdong province 4. Journey to Maliah*: Maliah, 7 mos, Guangdong province 5. EmmaBug: Emma, 8 mos, Guangdong province 6. Our Journey to Emma Gale: Emma, 9 mos, Guangdong province 7. Libby Song Foote*: Libby, 7 mos, Guangdong province 8. Here We Grow Again*: Chen Yi Qiao, 7 mos, Hunan province 9. Kolaina's Blog: Liu Kang Ge, 10 mos, Jiangxi province 10. Maggie's Red Thread: Lian Si Qi, 9 mos, Guandong province 11. Our Journey of Love: Mia, 8 mos, Chongqing province 12. Twoladybugs: Olivia, 7 mos, Guangdong province 13. Emerson Ying Rose: Emerson, 9 mos, Jiangxi province 14. Rilyn Rose Petinga*: Rilyn, 10 mos, Jiangxi province 15. Our Red Thread Journey: Teresa, 9 mos, Jiangxi province 16. Amity's Home Page*: Amity, Hunan province 17. Awaiting Ling Ling*: Muriel, 6 mos, Guangdong province 18. Journey to Grace Elizabeth*: Grace, 6 mos, Fujian province 19. Seeking B.S. in China: Yang Fu Li, 7 mos, Chong Qing province 20. Baby Tronnes: Ba Hui Cai, 8 mos, Hunan province 21. China Travel Journal: Olivia, 8 mos, Hunan province 22. Our Amazing Journey to Olivia*: Olivia, no other info yet 23. Our China Adoption Story: Lily, 6 mos, Guangdong province 24. Journey to Klaire Julianna: Klaire, 8 mos, Guangdong province 25. Where there is great love*: Agatha, 6 mos, Jiangxi province 26. A family formed by love: Madison, 9 mos, Chongqing province 27. 3 boys and 1 ladybug*: Tatumn, 8 mos, Hunan province 28. PiperSzabo: Piper, 6 mos, Jiangxi province 29. Papasam: Chloe, 9 mos, Jiangxi province 30. Our Emma Adventure: Emma, 7 mos, Guangdong province 31. A Family for Ruby: Ruby, 9 mos, Guangdong province 32. Piper Files: Piper, 6mos, Jiangxi province Caution: sites marked with asterisks automatically play music. If you know of any more web sites, please email me. (address in sidebar at right). Referral Statistics for this Group: - Login dates (LIDs) from June 16 through June 28 - 13 days worth of LIDs - Average wait time of 12.3 months from login to referral. (click chart for larger image) - Two of the powerhouse agencies received double the number of referrals that they did last month! I'll get the numbers from the rest of the agencies I track and then update the average # of referrals column. Best wishes to all the happy parents! And hang on to your hats for the wild ride to next month's referrals which will hopefully be All of July in July!