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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Livin' the high life

Overheard late last night at our house: Me: Hey, I set up that new inflatable pool today and Risa and the kids came over and loved it! TubaDad: Mmm. (ignoring me and playing with the 800-button universal tv remote) Me: It's the best twenty bucks I ever spent. You hook the hose up to it and it makes a little fountain the whole time they're in it. TubaDad: Ahh. (still intently focusing on the remote) Me: (yawning) Well, g'night... Oh shoot, I have to move the pool off the lawn before I go to bed! TubaDad: (suddenly alert and snickering) Honey that sounded a little redneck. *************************************** Special Event Notice: If you're in Santa Clara County tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) and want to see some cool antique cars, drop by the finish line of the 200-mile Speedster Endurance Run. My little bro and Dad (seen here in "Sublime") will be driving in it, and TubaDad and I will be working the finish line. (You can't miss me, I'll be the one in the haute couture orange highway worker vest.) The cars will be coming in around 2:30pm, and it's at 505 Laurelwood Rd, Santa Clara. Great fun for kids and adults. No admission charge, just park anywhere along the cross street called Woodward.