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Friday, June 9, 2006

My 3 favorite things (this week)

1. I defy you to watch this talking pug doggie without laughing: Damn! Now THAT's good tv. I was a little worried that nothing could top American Idol. I stand corrected. Shannon, we're all waiting for the video of Ike and Kea where they say "Back atcha honey." 2. Loving this book (from my dear friend Friea) called The Three Martini Playdate. Here are a few of the catchy chapter titles: - Bedtime: Is Five-thirty Too Early? - The Childproof House: How to Know if You've Gone Too Far. - "Children's Music": Why? Here's a quotelet from the first chapter: "Let us be perfectly frank. You were here first. You are sharing your house with them, your food, your time, your books. Somewhere, in fairly recent memory, we have lost sight of that fact." Heh. Funny book, sure, but it has a few gems of wisdom in there too. 3. And, lastly, could these margarita flower arrangements be any cooler?! I grin just looking at the pictures of them. Ok, what are your favorite things this week? With links, please - my credit card hand needs a little exercise.