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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back among the living

Big news! I'm actually feeling human again. Might even leave the house today (whoa nelly!). My battery-acid throat has subsided and now all I'm left with is a head cold. Ha, a mere cold?! After that throat torture I scoff at your puny phlegm and coughing! I think my recovery is due in part to this awesome care package from TubaDad. He's a crack-up. I sent him to the store for more Ibuprofen (I was sadly non-responsive to the liquid Vicodin) and he came back with trashy mags, pink flip flops (pink!!), a fun new wireless mouse with a charging dock (for critical blog mousing), and a DVD set of the House series. Wow. If we weren't already married I'd snatch that boy up and elope with him. Also got word this morn from the doctor that the culture they ran came back negative (which is good). No growth of bacteria, so (they tell me) there's no infection anywhere. Excellent. I'm supposed to schedule a followup with my primary care doc in a little while to run a repeat of the initial test that turned up the blood. It WILL (said sternly) be fine this time and I should be good to go. This crappy sick week means I'm not going to get sick in China, right? I think it's some kind of karmic trade-off or something. Thank you all so much for the good wishes, comments, emails, calls, etc. You all rock. And if anyone wants to drop by and watch House with me, just yell. I swear I'm not contagious anymore. Dress code is extremely casual: flip flops and big ole tee-shirt. I'll be wearing my hot new biker shirt from Austin (I know you're all jealous). And there's plenty of icecream - it's all I could eat for a while, so I stocked up.