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Saturday, July 8, 2006

Does anyone else have insomnia?

I haven't been able to sleep for the last week or so. It's weird. Maybe something inside me just realized that we're actually thisclose to being parents and is freaking out. There's so much to do while laying lying lieing* reclining in bed wide awake in the middle of the night. Go over the Packing and To Do lists in my head. Wonder why there aren't any rumors floating around yet about the cutoff date for the next batch of referrals. Worry about how the felines will adapt to the reign of Funshine. Stress about not having enough time to get everything done. (really lame because we've basically done nothing for the last few months -- what the hell was I thinking?!) Then flop over, glare at the clock, and start all over obsessing about the packing list. Speaking of The List, here's my first draft, for those who are curious. I found this funky file-sharing web site where (supposedly) I can upload a file and then share it with you all. We'll see if it works. The text in the middle of the page will say something like "please wait 15 seconds" and countdown to 0, at which point you can click the "download file" link. The file (PackListM3) is an Excel sheet, so my heart thrills to think that the neurotic color coding and sortable columns are all preserved. Whee! Click here to get to the page. *Good gawd, which word is the right one? I know they taught this in high school but I never get it right. Never. I looked at this page and it only made me more confused. 6pm: Updated "click here" link with new draft, thanks for all the suggestions.