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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Big list 'o referrals for August is now live

Hm, I'm thinking that assembling the Big List 'o Referrals after our call on Monday will be the last thing on my mind, so I went ahead and did as much of it as possible now. I've published it in our Referrals section (you can always get to the Referrals by clicking the red tabs up above). So check 'em out! Dang cute. I'm still watching about 6 sites who should be getting the call on Monday and will be adding them to the list. By the way, TubaDad and I have now apparently entered the "complete body exhaustion" stage. I couldn't keep my eyes open after about 7:30 last night so I just went upstairs and fell dead asleep, and TubaDad got up this morning around 9 and then went back to sleep. He's still up there! Had a wonderful get together in the park yesterday with our adoptive friends (new and old). It was so great to see everyone, swap stories, smile with all the beautiful kids, and get tons of sympathy about the weekend wait. Thanks to everyone for coming -- Becky & Brian, Michele, Karen, Jeanine & Lance, Michaela & Katerina, Lisa & Kelly, Wendy & John, Kelly Chris & Helen, Susan & Tom, Friedrich (on his bike!), Jamie & Eric, Cindy, Mom & Shirley, Jeff Liz Suzanne & Sydney, Stacey Kim Gyll Austin & Ryleigh, Rhonda Jeff Nate Cooper & Lizzie, David Susan & Emily, Tracey & Jon, and of course TubaDad. I'm in such a tizzy this weekend that I didn't take a single picture. Maybe someone can send me a few? I also tried to make the international symbol for love that Suzanne taught me and just about died laughing when I realized I had mixed it up with this Texas "Hook 'em Horns" symbol. Sorry Suzanne, I'll do better next time. Gee, I just don't know where my head is at...