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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ok, who stopped the clock?

Holy crimony, how in the world can it only be Saturday morning?! I know for a fact that it has been AT LEAST 78 hours since we heard that referrals were received at our agency. At least. Maybe I'm dreaming right now and my alarm is going to go off in a few minutes and it will be Monday morning? (ha, I guess *that* part was the part where I was dreaming, huh?) To pass the time we've planned an action-packed weekend. We're hosting a big gathering of fun friends at a local park today (I should be getting ready for that instead of blogging actually), the folks are coming over later to help us with a few projects (and eat), and we've got dinner with Becky and Brian tomorrow (hm, more eating). In between all that eating, we're intently watching the referral announcements come whizzing by, and yipping at each other about idiotic things (sorry, but it's true - I think the pressure's getting to us). My awesome mom-in-law Linda has been cataloging the referrals for us, and here's what we've seen so far: - 35 referral announcements - Gender: 1 boy, 3 sets of twins, 31 girls - Province: 5 Hunan, 1 Guangxi, 1 Anhui, 1 Sichuan, 5 Chongqing, 3 unknown, 8 Guangdong, 7 Jiangxi, 1 Henan, 1 Fujian, 2 Hubei I need my zen place back. I think the same person who stopped the clock stole it. Oh wait - my little brother sent me some photos a while back that I was supposed to use as my zen place... looking, looking, looking... Ha! Found it! Here's what he sent:
Just read your blog and think you're on to something with your newfound Zen calmness. However.... If you start to notice cracks in your calm exterior and little bits of stress start to creep in I think you should be prepared with a "happy place" to go to. Well, here is my suggestion. This is a giant chocolate fountain we found while wandering aimlessly through the hotels. Of course we immediately thought of you and snapped photos.
Ahhhhhh, feeling a little calmer already. Plus, I just got this funny email from Julie, it was titled "Wow, even Chris is wondering" and had this picture attached. Ha! Hang in there Chris (and everyone), we'll know soon...