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Thursday, August 31, 2006

I screwed up my first task as a mom!

Ok, we tell it like it is here at the Salsa Blog, so as cruddy as this is I have to admit that I messed up the girls' care package. I feel like I should offer excuses: I'm exhausted! I haven't slept in days! My head is spinning! I'm all befuddled and joyous and can't think straight! Did you see how cute those pictures are?! blah blah blah... All true, but unfortunately they don't fix the fact that I lovingly packaged up all the goodies for our girls, taped on the unreadable Chinese label that is supposedly the address for the Daye Welfare Institute, brought the package to the post office, got a quick picture with the helpful postal worker, and blissfully drove away -- without including the letter that gave our names and the girls' names! Argh!!!!!! Unbelievable. So I'll be on the horn with our agency tomorrow morning begging them to alert the director of the orphanage that a care package will be delivered some time next week with my name on the return address and containing x,y, and z items that are for Da Shuang Ye and Xiao Shuang Ye. Sigh... If my brain is this bad now, can you imagine how bad it will be when we actually bring the girls home? I probably shouldn't be operating heavy machinery (like a car) right now. I'm clearly drugged on extra-strength twin love.