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Friday, September 1, 2006

The CNN-like video taping of the referral call

Everyone told us to videotape "the call" and frankly I thought they were crazy. But you know, the second I heard the word "twins" my brain was toast. I felt shaky, numb, and wildly ecstatic all at once and all I wanted to do was see that picture. TubaDad says he went into instant shock. Apparently we kept breathing and talking into the phone, and we both took lots of notes, but neither of us could remember how she told us about the babies or what exactly she said. So thank you to those who told us to do the press conference-like setting in our family room. I am so grateful to be able to replay that call that changed our lives and re-live the joy. And now, for your viewing pleasure, here are the videos of our call and the grandparent alert that went out afterward. Ours is pretty low-key, I think because we were in such shock that we could barely speak. But the grandparents... well I don't want to spoil it so you'll just have to listen for yourselves. I might not leave these up on the site for all time, so watch 'em now if you feel like it. (Johnny, I know you're on vacay, but you should at least check out the very end of the grandparent one...) Cheers! (PS: yes we know the pronunciations were all wrong - we've got 'em down now.) (PSPS: Someone just asked me how the American Idol concert on the 30th was, and it was actually really fun. I guess it's just a little anti-climactic squeezed in between a referral for twins and a trip to Australia. Almost forgot to mention it. Heh.)