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Monday, August 28, 2006

Waiting, waiting, waiting

We must have checked the ringer on the phone 15 times now. It IS working. And it is NOT ringing. The countdown says zero, so come on guys, call us!!!!!!!! Mr Cool Cucumber is calmly watching tv. I am simultaneously reading your funny comments on the blog, checking email, rechecking the phone ringer, numbering my referral call questions, popping Imodium, pacing, taking pictures, positioning the video camera, and a million other nervous things. We have our "the phone is ringing" blog post queued up and ready to go. It's TubaDad's job to hit "publish" on it while I vault over the table, answer the phone, turn on the video camera, chug some water, reapply my lipstick, then slide beautifully into my seat to take notes. Sigh. RING already!!!