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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Day 4, still walkin'

I must have walked another 10 miles yesterday! Is my butt any smaller yet?! (I won't torture you by posting a picture.) Went to the Sydney Aquarium, which was great, and got a little shock in the shark tunnel. I was in there with about 50 other people and hordes of tiny uniformed schoolchildren when suddenly a giant stingray passed directly overhead. It was about the size of a king-sized bed, so large it blocked out all the light. I wasn't expecting it to be in that tank, and apparently no one else was either. You could hear the gasps and shouts of "sting ray, sting ray!" pass through the crowd. I'd be willing to bet every single person in that tunnel was thinking about Steve Irwin. It was eerie. Click here to see my short video from the seal and shark tunnels. It's about a minute and a half long. More of a vidlet than a video really. TubaDad shucked off his business suit and joined me later in the day and we went out to a fancy schmancy dinner with Catherine then ran over to the opera house to see Turandot. Wow - awesome show. The costumes and set designs were incredible. My first opera, and it gets three thumbs up! During the show, the rain we'd been warned about all week finally came and holy moly this Australian rain is nothing to scoff at. We could barely see through the pelting rain and the thunder sounded like someone had set off a bomb right next to us. We nearly hugged the taxi driver who stopped to pick us up and zipped home to our cozy hotel room. Ahhhhhh. Photos from the day (click to see slideshow): day4montage2 Captions: The oldest pub in Sydney, what the heck is this "mixed business" on their sign?, they sell the tiniest cokes here, self portrait with seal, neat barnacles outside the aquarium, a bunch of scary guys stuck to the roof of the shark tunnel, giant sting ray passes overhead, beautiful coral, loving the master "off" switch and want one for my house, having fun at the opera. This is the last post from Sydney. We're off today to have lots 'o fun then flying out tomorrow and I know I won't feel like posting anything. So see you on the other side!