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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Day 3, walked my little legs off

Tuesday in Australia was just a lovely day. TubaDad had to work all day so it was just me. I got up early, ordered a room service breakfast (god I love room service) then set out On My Own (!) to find the little art store where we bought the childrens' books. I was jauntily cruising down Argyle Street feeling pleased as punch that I had ventured out by myself in a foreign country so I just had to snap a picture. If you look closely I'm sure you can see the thought "Look at me!!!" going through my head. (I know this solo adventure wouldn't even be unusual for most people, but trust me it's huge for me.)

The illustrator and painter Di Wu was there as promised and it was so great to talk with him - what an interesting life he's had. I told him all about the girls (of course) and he signed the books and even agreed to pose for a photo. Nice guy! I know the girls will just treasure those books.

Ran back to the hotel and met Catherine. I couldn't believe she had handmade some adorable baby bags (like mini sleeping bags that will be great on the plane) for the girls. What a sweetheart! Catherine is a local Australian and had planned out an awesome route for the day. We walked all over the city, bought hard candy at a place called Sticky which says they have "traditional hand-made yummy," had lunch at her favorite cafe in a cool little area called Glebe (sort of reminded me of Berkeley, California), found the perfect t-shirts for Ro and Ree (the kangaroo's pouch flips up to show a little roo), had a local icecream treat that was similar to our Marble Slab stores, and saw Sydney's China Town and all the other cool sites along the way. We must have walked 10 miles. Well maybe not that far, but we covered some serious territory.

Catherine was so fun and an awesome tour guide. And not a hint of axe murderer tendencies (haha) like people had joked about when I told them I was going to hang out with someone I'd only emailed with a few times. Thanks for showing me Sydney through a local's eyes, Catherine!

By the way, I can't help noticing that all the souvenirs we're buying are for Ro and Ree. Huh, that's a change. We usually go hog wild buying souvenir t-shirts, stuff for our house, whatever. This trip, we only have eyes for the kids. What's up with that? This is how it's going to be from now on, isn't it? I can see it now -- we'll be wearing 10-year-old frayed jeans from Mervyns and the kids will be stylin' in up-to-the-minute gear we just couldn't resist. Oh well, worse things could happen. ;-)

The great weather is still holding, by the way. TubaDad's meeting with some business folks today and I have to decide if I'll go with him or strike out on my own, maybe to the Aquarium or the ferry. We'll see. Thanks for all the great suggestions of places to go, we made a list and we're hitting as many as we can. Australia sure is a cool place! Today's photos (click to go to slideshow): 

Captions: the intrepid solo adventurer, Di Wu signs our childrens' books, Catherine at the Badde Manors cafe, me at the gates to China Town, adorable baby bags, more souvenirs for the girls.

PS: so far, there is apparently no salsa in Australia! *grin*