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Thursday, September 21, 2006

No TA for you, missy!

Saw a post on our July Dragonflies Yahoo group this morning that someone got travel approval (TA) yesterday and her agency has applied for her consulate appointment! Yessssssss! My blood raced a little, I gasped and poked TubaDad (who was still sleeping), and we immediately called our awesome agency to pester them politely inquire about ours. Unfortunately it was a no go. They don't have our TAs yet. Bummer. Oh well, hoping they get there soon. I know our agency sends back our acceptances almost immediately so they're always in the first wave of TAs to hit the states. Stay tuned... (Oh, and for those who are concerned about the folding screens -- of course we're going to anchor them to the walls. Have you forgotten that I am the Queen of all Worriers, the Worryest Girl in the Land, Worrywart Magna Cum Laude? *grin* My Nasa-engineer dad and TubaDad were given their safety standard orders weeks ago and are standing by ready to install, fortify, and crash test just as soon as I can make up my dang mind.)