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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ok, ok, I get the hint...

Blog Much?: I've been getting a few (ahem) emails and comments wondering why I haven't posted lately. Well the jetlag kind of kicked my butt going home (it was easy going to Australia for some reason). Plus, I've been filling out all of our referral/travel paperwork AND have been really busy opening presents for the twins. It's like Twin Central Station in our family room. Whee! There are squeezable stuffed animals, insanely cute outfits, kick-butt high chairs, neato baby gear, fun books, and all kinds of amazing twinalicious things pouring into the house. You guys are incredible. Ro and Ree are going to be the best-outfitted girls in town, that's for sure. And certainly not because of their Mervyn's-jeans-wearing mama. Wow. Thank you all! Your generosity is overwhelming. I can't wait to tell the girls how loved they were before any of us even met them. Coming Up From Down Under: To wrap up the wonderful Australia trip (as promised sooooo long ago), here are the final pictures (click to go to slideshow): Captions: 1) bought an awesome Aboriginal painting. 2) visiting the Sydney museum. 3) the Observatory Hotel (best hotel in Sydney). 4) the hotel claims they'll bring you goldfish. 5) oh my god they weren't kidding. 6) TubaDad feeds his new friends. 7) clowning around on the Harbor Bridge. 8) Gorgeous view from the bridge. 9) First stop after landing, ahhhhh tacos. Winner, Winner, Winner: We are pleased to announce that the grand-prize winner of the Guess Our Referral Contest is Rhonda T! Four folks turned in guesses that were very close (Rhonda, Anon, Dori's mom, & Catherine R), but Rhonda was the closest with a guess of 9-month-old twin girls from Hubei who weighed 15.5 pounds each. Congratulations Rhonda! In addition to extreme glory and gloating rights, please let us know which button, magnet, or sticker you'd like from the Salsa Store. Thanks to everyone for the fun guesses - it was so cool to see all the estimates rolling in. I was wrong about everything in my guess, by the way. I was emphatically convinced we'd be hearing about our 1-year-old boy from Shandong. Oops.