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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Stand up and be counted

We are so close to referral I can taste it, so it's time for The Big Vote! In the comments section below, please enter your vote for who should be in charge of changing diapers, me or TubaDad? Kidding. Just kidding! (It's TubaDad.) Kidding again. Seriously. Dang I'm getting giddy just waiting for this referral call. Aren't y'all glad you have a first-row seat for this? Heh. Ok, please enter your guess for these 4 questions: 1. Gender: Funshine is a boy/a girl/twin boys/twin girls/one of each. 2. Age: Funshine is xx months old on referral day. 3. Province: Funshine is from xxx province. (here's a map in case you only know 3 province names, like me) 4. Weight: Funshine weighs xx.x pounds. In honor of the occasion, I thought I'd repost the Southpark illustration of what our family might look like after referral: southparkanimation2 One winner will be chosen and announced here after careful spreadsheet analysis. In addition to the massive satisfaction of knowing you were right (priceless), I'll send you your choice of any button, magnet or sticker from our Salsa in China Store. Please enter your guesses in that numbered 1-4 format above to make it easy to tabulate. Alright, the polls are open, let's hear it!