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Monday, September 25, 2006

A tiny (literally) little update

Got a smidge more updated information on the girls today as well as 3 microscopic little pictures. We can't really tell exactly what Ro and Ree look like today from these pictures since they're so small, but at least it's something, and I guess they can live in our imaginations for a while longer. The first picture is Ree, the second one is Ro, and the third one is both (obviously) but we don't have any indication of who's who. If I try to match them with the tiny individual pictures it looks to me like Ro is on the left in the green and Ree is on the right in the yellow. Does anyone else think that? We learned that as of August 30 (when the girls were just shy of 11 months): - Ro weighed 19.8 pounds and was 28.3" tall - Ree weighed 20.9 pounds and was 28" tall - Both girls now have 4 teeth - The girls are sitting on their own and standing if holding on to something - They are not yet walking No news on consulate appointment confirmations yet, so we're still waiting to find out if we travel on October 20 or not. Keep your fingers crossed for us!