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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gentlemen start your engines!

Was just sitting here calmly writing up a nice little blog post for you (with pictures) about our action-packed completion of the nursery, the new playroom, and assorted superhuman babyproofing when an alert flashed across the bottom of my screen that we had an email from our agency. Whoa, drop everything, fumble around for the mouse, try to get to my email program up and...: Holy moly this is it! We have our consulate appointment. Good god we're going to China ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! We leave on Oct 20, arrive in Beijing on Oct 21, fly to Wuhan on Oct 24, do a few things like meet our girls (!) and fly over to Guangzhou (I'm not being flip, they just didn't give any more details about this part), have our consulate appointment on Nov 2, then depart from Hong Kong on Nov 4. So that's it then. Wow. I know this whole process (602 days so far, and still counting) has been driving toward this one goal. But it's still a little shocking to realize that it's really, really going to happen. In three short weeks we're going to take deep breaths, grab our huge suitcases, get on a plane, and fly halfway across the world where our lives will change forever. We are actually going to be parents. Parents ! ! !