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Friday, September 29, 2006

Whistle while you work

Wow, it has been busy, busy, busy around the Salsa house lately. But after spending days assembling new furniture, dealing with the cardboard carnage, moving old furniture, working with the Safety Team (my folks), drilling, sawing, hammering, and grunting, we are finally feeling victorious! Behold the finished nursery and brand-new playroom, complete with gates and safety precautions as far as the eye can see (click to view slideshow): Photo captions: 1. Assembling the playroom unit 2) This is about 1/3 of the boxes 3) Mango approves of the new climbing furniture 4) Tightening about 8000 screws 5) Xena wants to know where dinner is? 6) Mango hates the new gates 7) Help! 8) Hm one person is laughing and one isn't... 9) Mom "supervises" the guys 10) Xena loves the new nursery chairs 11) Assembling new crib from Jeff 12) Cardboard carnage 13) Finished playroom seen thru liv rm 14) Playroom storage unit 15) Four pics of the nursery while turning in a circle Whew! It actually feels like a house that babies could live in now. It just warms my heart to walk through the house and picture our little girls lighting up each room. Oh, and don't tell anyone but I can't go downstairs in the morning until I sneak into the nursery and look around. Every single morning! I don't really do anything in there, just breathe it all in, look at the little clothes, run my hands along the new bookshelves, then giggle and run downstairs. It just makes me grin.