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Friday, October 6, 2006

Boring? At our house?? Yeah right.

Hello, this is a special report from guest blogger TubaDad! First, the really big deal today is our girls' birthday! Happy Birthday Ro and Ree - we can't wait to meet you. My news isn't quite so big, but it certainly makes things even more exciting around the Salsa house. After seven years at a company that is consistently rated one of the best places in the country to work, today was my last day! I have been feeling like I needed to make a change in my career and a perfect opportunity at another great company recently presented itself, so I thought "what the heck! I'm going out on a family leave soon, might as well go ahead and change jobs at the same time." I'll still be partnering with my old company, so I'll continue to see all of my friends at the old digs. It's kind of funny to be changing everything all at once, but sometimes that's just the way the ball bounces. We're getting a new family and I've got a new job that I start on Monday. I guess the only other big thing we could change would be to move. But no, Lee-Anne, we're not moving to Australia and no, Stacey, we're not moving to Texas (as fun as both of those sound!). My new company was very accomodating of our trip to China (in exactly two weeks!), and I'll be taking some time off to travel to China and then once we get home to bond with the kids (and keep M from checking herself into the looney bin!). On the topic of moving, I did have a nightmare a couple of weeks ago. I dreamed that M wanted to move to an artsy old historical house that needed a LOT of work. It was also much smaller than our current house, and our stuff wouldn't even begin to fit into the new place. In the dream I kept saying "but I don't like it!" and M kept saying "Buck up!" (Anyone who knows her can probably picture her saying this.) I woke up before I learned if we bought the house or not... OK, off to go enjoy our first-ever weekend of simultaneous unemployment!!!