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Thursday, October 5, 2006

A flurry of activity

Ok, first, thank you all so much for your comments. I feel WAY better after reading them all. So much better, in fact, that you guys should charge therapist rates or something. I'm still overwhelmed, but at least now I don't feel like the rest of the world has everything all under control and I'm the only one missing the secret parenting manual. Have accomplished so much in between couch-time in the last two days. There are now distinct piles in every room. It looks like hell, but it feels like I'm getting a leg up on this packing thing. Here's the "misc stuff" pile currently residing in the music room. This stuff isn't all going, it's just the starting point (so please don't email me yelling that I'm a moron for putting x,y,z in there). It's eventually all going to be shucked, culled, and neatly organized into color-coordinated ziplock bags (ok I'm kidding about the color). Here's the girls' clothing. Wow that's a lot of pink! I've got 4 pjs/loungers, 1 sweater, 2 warm outfits, 4 outfits that can be made warm or cool, 1 sweatsuit, 4 summer outfits, 1 bag o' socks and tights, and 1 bag o' hats and shoes. Oh, and that's all times two, of course, so each bag actually has 2 of each type of outfit. I haven't squeezed all the air out yet but just wait till you see how it all compresses. Magic! Three more things, oh wait it's four: 1. Ro and Ree got birthday cards in the mail today, can you believe it! Kim sent them over, what a sweetheart. Tomorrow's the day, and we won't be with the girls, so please keep them in your thoughts and toss a wish into the sky for them sometime during the day. 2. Have you seen the two new little dolls in the girls' playroom? They're handmade soft dolls by incredible seamstress Mae Made (check out her online shop here). She said she just couldn't resist after seeing the girls' picture and all the fun brown and pink clothing we got for them. So cute! If you're interested in ordering one, I know she has tons of fabric and really creative ideas - just tell her what makes you smile. 3. Thank you to the fantastic girls club for an absolutely wonderful baby shower. It was so fun to be surprised by every cool detail and everything was beautiful. Huge hugs and see you all soon. 4. Last one... TubaDad will be doing a guest post late tomorrow or early Saturday. We've got some news.