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Friday, October 20, 2006

Ni hao from Beijing!

We're here. We made it. And we came through with flying colors! IMG_2595mBefore you go thinking that we're tough as nails or extra-studly travelers or anything, I should confess that we didn't suffer at all. Because we got FREE FIRSTCLASS UPGRADES at the gate!!! Holy moly, we definitely flew the friendly skies today. We emailed my dad from the plane to tell him we got upgraded and he wrote back just 5 words: "you live in a tree." Heh. Click here to see a slideshow of a few pictures from the day. There aren't many because, well, we basically sat on our butts all day - sat in a car on the way to SFO, sat in the airport waiting area, sat on the plane, sat in a taxi, and now (thankfully) we're sitting in our hotel. I threw in a picture of the folks from their travel day on the 17th too - can you see my mom's Ro and Ree buttons and the Team Salsa stickers they put on their backpacks? Cute. Pa and Ma haven't sent me any pictures yet, but they made it to Xian on the 19th after 30 hours of travel - wow! I'm wearing my t-shirt that says "Mama" in Chinese and everyone keeps pointing to it and reading it outloud, which of course is my cue to show them our picture of Ro and Ree. (Yeah, you know I just hate doing that. Ha!) Then they look at TubaDad and say "where's your Baba shirt?" - it's hilarious. Well it's 6:30 am California time (and 9:30pm China time), and we're a little bleary, so we're going to power down a few peanut MnMs and hit the sack. Night!