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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Team Salsa is on the move

We're sending out the advance scouts! My folks are leaving for the airport in a few minutes. They'll fly into Hong Kong, get acclimated, take in the sights, then hook up with TubaDad's folks, who are departing on the 18th. Then TubaDad and I grab the baton and hop on that plane on the 19th.

I can't even describe how thrilling it was to wake up this morning and realize there are actual words to describe when we're all departing. Forget those countdown clock numbers, now the six of us can say we're leaving "today!" "tomorrow!" or "the day after tomorrow!" Whoa.

We're pretty much ready. TubaDad just needs to pack a few personal items, and I finished packing my suitcase yesterday (well almost finished - I suppose I'll keep making changes until someone pries it out of my clammy, nervous hand and tosses it on a luggage conveyer belt). I grunted and cursed and lugged it over to the bathroom scale, and was horribly surprised to find out it weighs 42 pounds. Damn! It was supposed to be thirty-something. After all that careful planning and maniacal list-making, I was supposed to have the lightest suitcase ever on a China adoption trip. Oh well...

There have been one or two (cough cough) comments and emails warning that there had better be some blog posting going on in China during this trip. But don't worry, we fully plan to blog and, just in case, we've got a contingency plan! (although my light-suitcase plan didn't turn out all that well, come to think of it...) My folks and Stacey have been added to our Blogger account as backup bloggers. So if all else fails, one of those 3 will post some pictures of the girls (yeah I read between the lines on those emailed threats - you don't really care if there are any words written but we'd better get some pictures of the twins up, and pronto). And who knows, this trip might be smooth sailing and I'll be a blogging fool - you'll get sick of reading all the posts I churn out. Heh. We'll see.

Alrighty, in honor of our impending flight (the day after tomorrow!), I made a couple of tiny modifications to the girls' picture. I'm sure this is the referral picture Ro and Ree would have taken if they'd been given their choice of props. Sweet dreams girls - mama and daddy will be there soon and we can't wait to meet you!