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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Team Salsa itinerary

This China trip will be the experience of a lifetime, and we didn't want our families to miss out. So, many moons ago we invited our parents along for the ride. Frankly this got quite a few raised eyebrows, and more than a few of you whistled and said "wow, all 4 of them? Are you sure?" But after that action-packed referral for twins the questions turned to "oh man, are you bringing any help along on the trip?!" And, well shoot, we're looking like dang geniuses now that we can answer "yep, the grandparents are all coming."

Whew, funny how things work out. Our crazy group of 6 (and soon to be 8) travelers is flying in and out and all over the place -- crossing paths in midair and then doubling back to make sure we don't miss anything. If you'd like to keep track of Team Salsa, here's the lowdown:

Oct 17: Wela & GramBob fly to Hong Kong
Oct 18: Ma & Pa fly to Beijing
Oct 19: Wela, GramBob, Ma and Pa fly to Xian and check out the Terracota Warriors
Oct 19 or 20: TubaDad & M3 fly to Beijing (Yeah that's right we're living dangerously and still don't have a confirmed outbound flight. Hey maybe by tomorrow?)
Oct 21: Wela, GramBob, Ma, and Pa fly to Beijing
Oct 22-23: Tour Beijing
Oct 24: Fly to Wuhan and meet Da-Shuang and Xiao-Shuang!
Oct 25-30: Relax (ha!) in Wuhan, figure out which end is up, and see a few sights
Oct 31: Fly to Guangzhou
Nov 1-3: Hang out in Guangzhou and do a bunch of official stuff Nov 4: California folks fly home
Nov 4-8: Texas folks tour Hong Kong then fly home

Of course no adventure would be complete without t-shirts, so keep your eyes peeled for our Team Salsa shirts and caps as we make our way through China. The packing is going pretty well, although the pile of "critical" items that just didn't make the cut is getting bigger by the minute. TubaDad and I haven't even packed our clothes yet, just the girls' gear, and the suitcases are already filling up awfully fast. Wish us luck!