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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Since Johnny asked...

The girls are definitely twins, but have incredibly unique little personalities. Here are a few (hundred) details about them: Ro:
  • Love, love, loves music. She'll bop her head and wave her arms the second she hears any type of music or song.
  • Crawls faster than you can run (believe me, we found that out the hard way).
  • Loves to climb. You have to keep a close eye on her because she thinks it's hilarious to get up way high then dive down toward you.
  • Has a beautiful smile and smiles and laughs often. She also shakes her head back and forth and yells when she's really happy (like on the corn video).
  • Mimics everything she sees, and she's really good at it.
  • Has 4 bottom teeth.
  • Loves coming home to our house. We always get a huge smile when we walk into the house and she loves to see her playroom.
  • Wishes Ree would let her sleep a little bit more.
  • Has hair that is always a little bit more smooth and parted more neatly than her sister.
  • Makes hilarious faces when she sees a bottle coming - she stretches out her mouth, shows only her bottom teeth, and shakes her head back and forth joyously.
  • Always steals Ree's toys (but she makes up for it by sharing things with her sister).
  • Has a dimple on her left cheek for sure and maybe her right one, but we can't quite be certain.
  • Loves comfort. If she sees a big pillow (like the fun ones from Lee-Anne) or a squishy blanket, or TubaDad's stomach, she throws herself back on it with her hands spread above her head and a huge smile. You can just picture her thinking "Oh yeah!"
  • Is taking steps and feeling so proud of herself. She can walk about 7 or 8 steps before she loses her balance.
  • Has a hilarious mischievious smile. She flashes it all the time when she finds something she knows she shouldn't have. Smarty pants. She also has a contagious belly laugh.
  • Learned from TubaDad to say "ahhhhh" after she takes a drink of water, and she never forgets.
  • Always has to ride in the basket on the little trike since Ro grabs the seat, but she doesn't mind. The second you plop her in the basket she reaches back and holds on.
  • Has 2 bottom teeth and is getting a 3rd one as we speak (ouch!).
  • Loves exploring and going on car and stroller rides.
  • Has wild hedgehog hair no matter what I do to it.
  • Loves a good cuddle, especially with daddy (TubaDad).
  • Is constantly crashing her face into things and getting bruises (which seem to bother me a whole lot more than her).
  • Is very easy-going. She just shrugs and moves on to something else when Ro steals a toy from her.
  • Has a dimple on both cheeks.
  • Grabs her own head in outrage when she sees a barrette in her sister's hair. It's almost as if she's thinking "hey, you didn't dare put one of those on me, did you?!"
Both Girls:
  • Love food. All kinds. In fact we haven't found anything they don't like yet. Faves are too many to mention, but crackers, cheerios, bananas, watermelon, peas, fish, and fruit puffs all merit the hands-in-the-air happy chair dance so far.
  • Don't do so well with whole cow's milk (I don't even want to talk about those diapers...).
  • Chewed on their shirts when we first met them. Now Ro favors her lovey bear and her octopus from Mrs D, while Ree favors her little cut-up white undershirts (she likes to have at least 3 in her crib).
  • Can stand up for hours at a time, bend, twist, and keep on standing.
  • Love knocking over stacks of things. It's almost like they see a stack of something and think "oh no, we don't have any stacks in THIS house!"
  • Think books are just for eating right now. Mmmm mmmmm. Actually they love to eat any kind of paper. We're constantly pulling paper bits out of their mouths and stuffing them in our pockets for safekeeping. It's an adventure doing laundry around here nowadays.
  • Are tough girls who think nothing of bonking heads together, pulling each other's hair, sitting on each other, or diving head-first off the furry blue chair in the playroom.
  • Do the 2-fisted, hands-in-the-air shake when they get something good in both hands.
  • Love the song Itsy Bitsy Spider and will throw their hands in the air and mimic all the motions. Ro is a little more sophisticated in her motions but Ree smiles just as big. If you guys know any more songs with hand movements, please, please email me or leave them in the comments section.
  • Weigh about the same, Ro is 19lb 5.5oz and Ree is 19lb 8oz, and are almost the same height. Ro is 29.5" tall and Ree is 30" tall. They're wearing exactly 12-month-sized clothes right now, but at the rate they're eating I'm guessing we'll move up to 18-months size before too long.
  • Love a good bath but HATE getting their faces washed.
  • Love the kitties. They make a funny high-pitched noise when they see them that sounds something like "kit, kit."
  • Can scan a room and find the one thing they shouldn't have in 2 seconds flat.
  • Despise diaper changes and can wiggle more than any creature on earth.
  • Are fearless.
  • Their favorite toy right now is the little trike from Maya. They like it best when you push them both around on it, scarily fast, making extremely loud car noises. TubaDad and Grampa make the best car noises (I stink at it and Ro tries to compensate by making them for me).
That's all I can think of right this minute, I'm sure it's more than anyone would ever want to know if you're not related to the girls, so blame Johnny for asking about this. *grin* They're about to wake up from their nap now, so I've gotta run as the fun starts again. Oh, and here's a better videocam image - this one was during naptime today so the room was nice and light: Fun while (not) napping