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Friday, November 24, 2006

Good gawd, she loves corn!

Thanksgiving was a HUGE hit with the girls -- how could we miss with a holiday centered around food, food, and more food? TubaDad's in the playroom right now entertaining the girls (I think they're using him as a jungle gym from the sounds of it) so I have to make this quick. Here is Ro, enjoying the heck out of her corn. This video shows some of the personality the girls both have that makes us laugh every day. I was snickering so much I could barely talk, and my mom's comment at the very end of the video is classic. I never knew one-year olds (13 mos really) could be so full of life and have such funny senses of humor. Corn is so fun! (Ro)And here's a still picture (haha, "still" isn't quite the right word when it comes to our girls) of Ro doing her "no hands" corn dance in the chair. Ree thought the whole dinner was very exciting and just couldn't help waving her hands in the air during the sweet potato course. You can see that dinner now comes with entertainment at our house. Behold the cuteness (Ree) NIght camera captures the bedtime antics Later that evening the girls were still a little wound up and I saw this on the nursery video cam ---> I nearly peed myself watching it unfold. Sorry it's so dark, we forgot to turn on the other nightlight, but you can still make out the two shadowy mischief-makers standing in the cribs instead of sleeping. The cribs are pushed together in the corner of the room so they make an L shape. The other photos from the day are here (with captions), or you can go here to see the auto slideshow without captions. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and laughed and smiled as much as we did. Now I think I'm going to go sneak in a shower while TubaDad has them entertained. Shhhhh.... Update: almost forgot to mention that I took the Referrals and the Rumors sections out of my top nav. I just don't have time to maintain them right now, sorry! (Showering and eating are getting much-needed priority.) If you need to access those old posts for any reason, there are now links in the sidebar over there on the right called "Links to Old Sections."