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Sunday, November 5, 2006

We came. We saw. We chaosed.

We're home!!! And we have already created chaos out of the nice, spotless house that Maggie got all cleaned up and organized for us. It took about 22 minutes to go from pristine to this: Chaos 1 Chaos 2 That was the longest airplane ride of our lives, and it feels incredible to be home and all snug in our house. The girls traveled like champs all day. They giggled, smiled, flirted with everyone, napped a teeny bit, ate and ate, and played like linebackers. And no crying. Wow. They are such awesome little girls. I can't believe they're still smiling after 24 hours of brutal travel - we just keep hugging and kissing them and telling them how special they are and how much we love them. We got up at 4:45am (China time), hopped on a bus to the airport, waited around, flew from Guangzhou to Hong Kong, waited around, flew from Hong Kong to San Francisco (soooooooooo long), went through customs and immigration, then treated ourselves with a limo ride home. Ahhhhhhh, home. We can brush our teeth with tap water, wash the bottles and baby stuff in the sink, make our own food (yay, no more french fries!!!), play in a baby proofed room and playroom, and actually EAT food ourselves while the girls feed themselves from their comfy large highchair trays. It is heaven! It's about 4:30am, and the girls are asleep, I think for the night now. So after this quick blog post it's off to bed for TubaDad and I. We already grabbed a few naps today (since you all told me to "sleep when they sleep" and I know you give good advice) so we're in pretty good shape. I just uploaded a bunch of pictures, so click here for new pictures from our travel day and the girls' rambunctious first introduction to their room and playroom (they heartily approved of both). Thank you for all of your good wishes and thoughts, I think they surrounded us with love and helped us get through this brutal travel day safely and happily. Night!