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Thursday, November 2, 2006

We're still alive and kicking

Hello from Guangzhou, we're still hanging in there. The girls get even cuter and funnier every day (and we get a little more tired...). Tomorrow is our last full day here before the marathon travel day, which starts at 5am on the 4th. TubaDad's pretty stoic about it, but I've gotta admit I'm scared to death of that travel day - just the diaper logistics alone are going to be insane. Oh well, everyone else has survived it and we will too. Please keep us in your thoughts... In the meantime, below is a link to some pictures of the girls in action. Can you tell who's who? A hint: Ro's bracelet is on her right arm and Ree's is on her left arm. Ok, if that's still not enough, Ree has on the little black jumper and Ro has on the red and black plaid skirt (both snazzy outfits are hand-me-downs from the girls' stylish California buddy Maya). And Ro has on the brown dress and Ree has on the pink top and brown pants. This picture is titled: "Yeah Mom, We're Napping Just Like We're Supposed To, zzzzzzzzz": Naptime (sure...) Click here to see the rest of the photos in a slideshow. There's a little box of captions underneath the slideshow if you scroll down a tiny bit while they're playing.