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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The wheels are coming off the bus

Egad, sorry about that last post. I was so sleep deprived and delirious that I started to write something, gave up and crawled to a corner to sleep, and didn't even realize something had been posted to the blog. Good gawd. You guys are sure cracking us up with those comments though. Thank you, we needed the laugh. I was laughing so hard reading your comments I couldn't even breathe. We are barely hanging on at this point. The sleep deprivation is crippling. My parents are over tonight and are going to take "the night shift," so wish them luck. Ro has been going to bed alright but waking herself up coughing (allergic to the cats? the carpet? us?) and then not wanting to go back in the crib. And Ree doesn't really feel like sleeping until 5am, so our schedule is getting staggered out more and more and we're trying and trying to hang in there until everyone is living in the same timezone. Saying "this is hard" would be the understatement of the year. 2nd stroller ride - a big success (no crying)Oh, and this isn't related to sleep deprivation, but we are the worst parents on the planet. For almost 3 hours yesterday we had the girls mixed up and were calling them by the wrong name. They weren't even dressed alike. We were sitting on the couch at the end of the day, happy in our ignorance, when TubaDad suddenly said "Hey, wait a minute, how come Ree has 4 bottom teeth now?!" And we nearly died. (Ro is actually the one with 4 bottom teeth, while little Ree has a jack'o'lantern 2-toothed grin). Unbelievable. We can rip this stuff off in seconds!Also, my dad came over and installed some babyproofing in the playroom (since these demolition divas crack their heads on something about 25 times a minute), and our girls immediately found the bubble wrap and painters' tape and laughed themselves silly ripping it all off and eating it. Ha, ha. You'll have to do better than that Grampa. To see some pictures (with captions that tell who's who), click here. To see the same pics in an automatic slideshow instead (without captions), click here. Night... (ha)