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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Have you ever seen anything cuter?

Holding hands in the strollerThis is a pic of the girls, holding hands in the stroller. (Yes, they're adorable. And after the scream-fest last night at bedtime, it's a dang good thing...) Click here to see more pictures from today and yesterday (with captions) or click here to see the same pics in an auto slideshow (without captions). We're hanging in there and thankful for everyone's help and good wishes. Hopefully tonight will be a little better than last night, tomorrow night will be even better, and so on. First mexican-food dinner!!!The girls are about to wake up from their nap, so I've gotta run. Instead of more words, I'll leave you with a picture of our triumphant First Mexican-Food Dinner! The girls thought the rice and beans and chicken quesadilla was out of this world, especially when combined with the steamed broccoli, applesauce, and Cheerios that we snuck into the restaurant. We got huge smiles and some happy chair dances. xoxo to everyone. Please think good thoughts for LOTS of sleep tonight.