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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Where does the time go?

We've had visitor after visitor and attended party after party this past week, and the girls have taken it all in stride. Their little eyes light up and they strut around in their party shoes, even when TubaDad and I are dragging. God help us when they're teenagers and we're *really* old... It doesn't hurt that they're met at each door by adoring fans who love them, give them belly raspberries, feed them delicious food, and tell them they're the cutest thing since sliced bread. Loving the new red wagon from neighborsThey're also really getting into the Christmas spirit. Not from our copious decorations since we, ahem, haven't put any up yet. (Um, maybe next week?) No, they're learning that really fun things come in the brightly wrapped boxes and bags. Like Elmo! And wagons! And toys, toys, toys! And heck, those boxes and bags taste pretty dang good too. Ree struts and makes this face when she walks and we sing Ro and Ree are walking up a storm. We bought a few pairs of Robeez shoes and started singing/chanting a little song "she's walk-in... she's walk-in... she's walk-in..." and they puff up their little chests, stick their bellies out and motor around like there's no tomorrow. Ree knows it's good stuff and never fails to make us laugh with her hilarious "Whoa Ho Ho! Look! At! Me!" expression (shown at left). Ro started walking this week too and is making great strides to catch up to her wily sister. She doesn't have the triumphant facial expression down yet though - give it a week. On the not-so-fun front, we had to do blood draws and, uh, (not sure how to put this delicately) poop samples for the girls this week. We had the blood drawn by a lady named Alex at the hospital, and that Florence Nightengale nailed it with just one stick for each squirmy girl. I was banished to the hallway to hold whichever sister wasn't getting tortured at the time (Alex took one look at my face after she said they couldn't take the blood from their feet because she needed "too much blood" and said "why don't you wait outside, honey?"). So, anyhow, we'll see how that all goes. They're just standard tests that our pediatrician orders for every child, so hopefully no worries. CantGetAPictureHere's a montage of the girls in motion. Honestly, they never stop, not for one minute. I've lost 13 pounds since we've met them and I'm not even trying. Here are the rest of the pictures from this week, just click on one of the tiny images below to see all pics on one page with captions that tell who's who, or click here to see them in an auto slideshow without captions. Happy Holidays everyone! Love, Team Salsa