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Friday, December 15, 2006

Making holiday memories

We've had a marvelous time this past week and have some great photos to share (well at least I think they're great, the girls probably think I'm crazy always lunging for my camera and flopping around on the floor trying to get them in action). It's just that everything they do is so dang cute or funny that I MUST capture it on film so we can remember it when we're old and feeble. Like when Ree grabs her plastic phone, scrunches it under her chin, and then nods her head vigorously up and down as if to say "uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, yes, I can fit that into my schedule, yes." Or when Ro thinks something is hilarious and screams with laughter and waves both hands in the air. Or when the girls hug and my breath stops in my chest. These girls are the light of our lives. I know everyone says that, and it sounds so hokey. But it's true. I spend all day with them, and my eyes still light up and I grin like a maniac when they get up from naps or I come in from another room and they gigglescream, scoot over, hug me, pat my back, and act like they haven't seen me in weeks. I don't mean to make it sound like everything is fun and games - the truth is that this is the hardest gig I've ever had. But these girls warm my heart. Oh, and you should see what they do when TubaDad comes home after work. Holy moly, you'd think he was bringing them an entire FAO Schwartz store with how happy they are. They scream with joy, flail their hands in the air, and toddle over to him as fast as they can so they can both be picked up in a huge daddy bearhug. (Yeah he melts every time. Big tough guy is wrapped around all 20 of their tiny little fingers.) See, we actually do have a Christmas tree this year!The big news this week is that we actually decorated the house for Christmas. !!! Yes, I know, it's positively unbelievable. Last year not one measly decoration was administed (except for the infamous reindeer antennae ball), and this year we've got a wreath, tree, ornaments, garland, musical toys that NEVER stop "singing" (more on them in a second), the whole nine yards. And the girls love every single garish, twirling, red-and-green minute. I didn't think 14-month-old kids would even notice or understand, but they don't miss a thing. I decorated while they were napping one day and when they woke up they instantly pointed to every new thing in the house and had to inspect it happily. Too funny. Here are a few photo highlights: Listening to every single musical toy at once (help us!!!)Ree (left) and Ro (right) like to listen to Every Single musical Christmas toy at once. They carry them all over and demand that we turn them on by pointing sternly at each animal. I don't know how they can stand it, but we're now accustomed to hearing (simultaneously) the spotted dog sing "What a Wonderful World," two out-of-sync baby Elmos sing "Guess Who Lives on Sesame Street," the penguin sing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," and the kissing Santa sing "Merry Christmas, I love you." It is truly a horrible din - come on over and you won't believe your ears. But the girls love it, and it makes us laugh, so you know we're doing it every time they ask. Here's a picture of the girls enjoying the cacophony. Ree is downright ecstatic about it, she had to lie down on some of the toys to get a better listen... Now we know what they'll look like when they're 90The girls found a couple of scarves and had themselves a grand old time strutting around thinking they were some high-falutin' queens. Who knew that babies this young wanted to play dress-up? I look at this picture and think "well, now we don't have to wonder what they'll look like when they're 90." And the piece de resistance: today's Santa photo. Ree on the left and Ro on the right were less-than-enamored of the big guy in red. But man do I love this photo!!! It's destined to become an instant family classic. I just know the girls will hear (and see) about this one for the rest of their lives. And I've even got a few seconds of video from the beautiful moment. Heh. 2006: Wahhhhhhh, we don't love Santa (an instant classic) Click here to see all the rest of the photos from this week, including Hula girls, reading Sports Illustrated with Grampa, and busy girls helping with the Christmas tree. Hope you're all enjoying the season as much as we are. What a cool time of the year, and how incredible to finally spend the holidays with our girls - the best Christmas presents we could ever hope to have.