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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Help, I'm melting... melting... meltinnnnnnng

It was a wild and crazy morning (exactly what passes for normal around here nowadays) and the girls were dying for a snack. So I gave them each a delicious stoneground cracker, then got caught up in loading the dishwasher, wiping off the highchair trays, sweeping around the table, and... hey what the heck? The eerie quiet hit me and I panicked. Took off for the playroom at full tilt and burst into the room to find.... (drumroll please): Hanging with my sister...Get out of town! The girls had meandered into the playroom, climbed up into the blue chair, and were sitting there happily munching away on their crackers having quite a fascinating little conversation with each other. They were actually kind of surprised to see me (as I was to see them). It was the cutest thing you would ever want to see. The cutest thing in the county - I swear. My little heart probably grew 3 sizes just looking at it. Enjoying a little cracker time with my sisterThen later, as if I wasn't melty enough after that blue chair affair, they did it again over their afternoon cracker. This time on the kitchen rug. Unbelievable. And this from two girls who usually don't stop moving for even a millisecond. Couldn't you just drool all over that adorable sisterness? I've gotta tell you - these tiny moments just make my day. I love hearing the girls belly laugh, die of happiness when they hug each other or hold hands, and melt inside when I pick them up and they sigh happily and pat my back. And I am NOT a mushy person. No way. I'm tough. Cynical. And sometimes intimidating. Ask anyone. Aw, I think someone's giggling in the kitchen, I'd better go get some of that. Thanks for all the "no means no" advice, by the way. We've read every comment and are adapting a plan that works for us. You guys are dang smart, and we really appreciate all the tried and true advice. I posted 8 new pictures with captions here, or you can click here to see them in a little auto slideshow. These pictures include the new handmade story bench from Grambob (apparently better for standing than sitting right now), Xena in the highchair (sigh), accessorizing is key, and more.