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Saturday, January 13, 2007

They're students now, next thing ya know they'll be asking for the car keys

TubaDad helps out at the slideTubaDad and I woke up at the crack of dawn and took the girls to their first class ever! A free trial Gymboree Play & Music class that I found online last night during an insomniac moment. It was for "Level 3" kids, and the girls love, love, loved it. They were grinning from the minute we strolled into that garishly colorful room with tantalizing tot-sized play equipment and plenty of other short folks to pal around with. They thought the funny little songs were brilliant (Ro squealed and clapped enthusiastically after each one, winning the teacher's heart). And they couldn't believe they got to play on and under a huge parachute (shown below) and a cloud of real bubbles. We LOVE this class! After class they hung out with their new BFF (best friends forever) and had 15 minutes of open playtime on the equipment. Dang, it doesn't get much better than that in a 15-month-old's life. (TubaDad and I were pretty happy about it too and then put a cherry on the top of our fun morning by letting the girls nap in the car while we read the paper and ate Donettes in a nice sunny parking lot. Ahhhhhh.) Ro shows off her tunnel skillsHere's today's set of 7 pictures with the girls, uh excuse me I should say "the students," enjoying their morning immensely, or here's a slideshow. First pics are at the mall playground, which they had all to themselves (this also elicited a squeal), and the rest are from the Gymboree class. We're going back next week to try out the music class for their age group (also a free trial class), and then we'll sign them up for a series. We heard that if you sign up for one of the classes, you can also drop by and use the equipment during the dropin times, so that'll be purdy fun too. Cheers, and hope your weekend is turning out to be Donette-worthy also.