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Friday, January 5, 2007

I can still hear the screams echoing in my head

Oh wait, it's not my head - TubaDad's home now but the girls are still making a horrendous racket. Ro and Ree are sick, I'm sick, and our new Mother's Helper is now sick. So it was just me and the two unhappy kiddos with runny-faucet noses today. All day. And it was a looooooong day. Here's the rundown: 7 = total hours of fighting, whining, screaming, or crying 6 = number of times I picked up sippy cups that were angrily flung from highchairs 5 = number of times someone spontaneously crumpled to the floor sobbing (the kids? me? I'll never tell) 4 = number of times I ransacked the cupboard and freezer before finding a sanity-saving carton of Bob's mint chip icecream with Scharffenberger chocolate chips 3 = number of times I called TubaDad to politely (haha) inquire when he was coming home 2 = number of boxes of Kleenex used 1 = number of minutes remaining before I pour a big glass of wine and slip into a bubblebath Here's the soundtrack of my day - I cut it down to 17 seconds so no one would sue me for bleeding ears or anything. Don't bother calling - I'll be in the bath and TubaDad has his hands full...