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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Wow, Christmas really is a lot more fun when you have little kiddos around

Cool. Our first Christmas with the girls was everything we hoped for. They oohed and ahhed over the tiniest bit of cheer, heartily applauded anything bright or garish, and seriously got in to the present unwrapping thing. They thought the backyard Nascar Santa was just the bomb, and couldn't believe their good fortune when new guests like Uncle Bob, Aunt Jane, Granddaddy, and Grandmama showed up to play with them All Day Long. A few photos from the season: Here's what the playroom used to look like... And here's what it looked like after we left the girls alone in it for FOUR MINUTES while we tried to clean up the kitchen. Oops! Never underestimate the power of the Hubei wrecking crew. This is how the playroom normally looks We left them alone for 4 minutes and THIS is what they did to the playroom First ride in the bike trailer and Ree passes outBob and Jane took the girls for their first exciting ride in the bike trailer. Ro was a trooper and enjoyed waving like a princess from her little trailer, but Ree was out cold within minutes. Bobby says he tried to prop her back up but she just kept flopping over, so he finally just made sure the big fluffy blanket was under her face and kept going. Ro took advantage of the situation to use Ree as a footstool. That's my girl! Ro thinks she needs to climb into the fridgeBoth girls have learned how to climb onto the dishwasher door and into the refrigerator, which I'm pretty sure is expressly prohibited in the manuals for both machines. Ro and Ree think it's hilarious. I am less than amused. Here's Ro trying to reach her goat milk. (Yes goat milk... The pediatrician said they weren't getting enough brain-building fat with the soy milk so now we're forking over $3.79 a quart for this liquid gold. Damn goats must be living in a palace.) Ree hugs her sister (Ree gives THE BEST hugs)Even in the midst of intense fun and revelry, the girls always remember to take a minute to hug the ones you love. For more Christmas photos with captions, click here, or click here to see an auto slideshow without captions. Happy New Year to all.