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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Three things that amused me

1. Words you do not want to hear over the baby monitor when your husband is alone upstairs with the kids: "Ree! What did you just throw in the toilet?!" 2. Ro and Ree both get a big kick out of their new sandbox. And they love carrying around little cups, bowls, and spoonfuls of sand. Here's Ro, doggedly determined to carry her cup everywhere, even up and down the slide. Watch the second time she slides to see exactly how she gets the cup up there without spilling it. 3. We've mentioned before that Miss Ree doesn't miss a thing, right? During bathtime the other night I whipped off Ro's diaper and plopped her in the tub. Miss M toddled around the corner, saw the diaper on the floor, let out a loud "Oh!," picked it up, marched over to the Diaper Champ, dropped it in, then floored us when she flipped the lever over and "flushed" the thing. I think I spit up my gallbladder I was laughing so hard. From that point on she has been the designated diaper disposer. Here she is demonstrating her skills. Ahhhh, they make me laugh.