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Friday, March 16, 2007

Oh how far we've come

Oh yes we did...First we caved and got the minivan, and tonight we took the girls to Chuck E Cheese. Good gawd what's next -- just how low will we stoop?! Actually Chuck E Cheese was (oh man I hate to admit this) really fun. Ok, stop laughing. We sat in this peaceful back room that we had almost all to ourselves, the pizza was pretty good, the girls (who are largely vegetarian these days, much to TubaDad's chagrin) thought the salad bar was just rockin', and the tiny little toddler rides we got with our free tokens were just up their alley. Fun, fun, fun, in a nearly empty (and totally quiet) back room.It was actually a nice evening, and the perfect place to meet TubaDad after work. Dare I say it might become our new Friday night tradition? Ro can't believe how fun the merry-go-round isRee loves the Chuck E Cheese merry-go-roundLook out TubaDad, they've got their first taste of a monster truck thanks to Chuck E Cheese The girls got library cards and a pile of books today!Earlier in the day I got brave and took the girls out to the library all by myself. Even screwed up my courage and let them out of the stroller (!). They pawed through all the board books, sat proudly in the tiny chairs (for about 2 minutes), and then made me break out in a sweat trying to occupy them while I filled out our 3 library card applications. I swear I could have used about 6 hands. Anyhow, I persevered, and the girls are now official card-carrying library members. Wow. And this branch has a tiny tot storytime on Friday mornings, so you know where you'll find us. Hmm, sounds like we have our Fridays all sewn up between the literary aspirations and fancy schmancy (cough) pizza. Anyone care to join us? Here are the rest of the pictures from the week, including: washing toes in the sink, the girls' first playdate, Ro fixes Ree's skirt, the girls scale a "climbing wall," and more. Click the image below to see all the pics on one page with captions: or view them as an auto slideshow without captions. Have a great weekend!